Engineering Activities

At FAR.E., we are dedicated to harnessing the power of the sun to drive sustainable energy solutions. As a leading consulting company specializing in the photovoltaic segment, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to guide you through every step of your solar energy journey.

Our Core Activities:

  1. Feasibility Studies: With meticulous attention to detail, we conduct in-depth feasibility studies, meticulously analyzing the potential of your solar project. Our assessments take into account the nuances of your location, available solar resources, and the financial prospects that underpin your solar vision.

  2. Site Assessment: Our seasoned experts embark on a thorough evaluation of your proposed sites, strategically identifying the most optimal locations for your solar installations. This meticulous process is designed to ensure maximum energy production and efficiency, all while harmonizing with the surrounding environment.

  3. System Design: The heart of our operation lies in the fine art of system design. Our team of professionals crafts bespoke PV systems tailored to your unique objectives. We meticulously select the highest-quality components and determine the ideal system size, all with a focus on achieving your desired outcomes.

  4. Regulatory Expertise: Navigating the intricate web of permits, licenses, and regulations is our specialty. We tirelessly ensure that your project seamlessly aligns with the ever-evolving legal landscape, all the while assisting you in securing available incentives and subsidies to bolster your solar ambitions.

    1. Financial Analysis: Our financial experts engage in a deep dive to provide you with a crystal-clear understanding of the financial aspects of your project. We deliver insights into your return on investment (ROI), payback period, and the long-term financial benefits your solar project will yield.

    2. Procurement and Installation: Leave the intricacies of equipment sourcing and project installation to us. Our seasoned team efficiently manages the entire process, from equipment procurement to the construction phase, right through to the system commissioning stage. 

      1.  Operations and Maintenance: Our commitment doesn't end with installation. We offer ongoing, attentive support, monitoring, and maintenance services to ensure your system consistently operates at peak performance, maintaining your investment's long-term value.

Do you have any land that you wish to develop?

FAR.E. is a specialized consulting firm that excels in the art of enhancing the value of your property through the strategic installation of photovoltaic systems on both industrial and agricultural land. What sets us apart is our unique approach, which not only includes professional consulting but also offers you a direct line of engagement with potential investors.

What makes our service truly distinctive is our ability to connect you directly with potential investors who see the value in solar development. This means that you not only receive expert guidance in implementing photovoltaic solutions, but you also gain access to a network of individuals and organizations ready to invest in your project.

FAR.E.'s comprehensive approach encompasses feasibility assessments, site evaluations, system design, and regulatory compliance to ensure your property is optimized for solar energy. Our commitment to your success is unwavering, making us a valuable partner in maximizing the value of your property through sustainable energy solutions.

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